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On  August 28, 2014, Faculty of Civil Engineering hasorganized a meeting for freshmen at the hall 6B from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. Participate in the meeting included: Dr.Tran Chuong  Dean of FacultyDr.Phan Truong Son - Vice-Dean - Head of Department of Construction EngineeringDr.Pham Son Tung - Assistant Dean, MA.Arch.Do Thi Phuong Lam  Head of Department of Urban and Regional Planningall Faculty’s staff - teachers and new studenDr. 

At the beginningDr.Tran Chuong speech welcoming faculty new membersreminding students not to forget about school discipline as well as the issues that you need to pay attention in the new training environment.  The no less important is information about high-quality class to which faculty are trained was introduced by Dr.Phan Truong Son.The above information has attracted the attention of students through questions.

The meeting seemed hotter with the participation of students through the questions revolve around the topics of careers.Some questions and answers are summarized as follows: 

Q: I learned English very poorly, Can I participate in high-quality class? 

Mr. Son: There are many methods to improve students' skills, while participation in high-quality classyou have the learning engine, the environment to improve your English skills. 

Q: Architecture & Urban Planningwhich department have a better chance?  
Ms. Lam: Which sector is also very useful and outputs are architect (Engineering Architect and Planning Architect).Therefore, the most important is that students have to hone their skills and their knowledge of the craft, plus the love which set the stage for the career opportunities in the future. 

Q: After studying Planning can only work for the Government, right or wrong?   
Ms. Lam: Totally incorrect, because there are many private entities participating in the real estate market as well as design urban planning.Students can participate in planning or planning consultant for the project. 

Q: Graduating with a BA, Engineer or Architect? 
Mr. Son: Faculty of Civil Engineering’ students will be graduate as Engineers and Architects 

Q: The difference between Planning Engineer and Planning Arch?What about the pratice? 
Ms. Lam: Ton Duc Thang University diploma is Planning Engineer.These two forms have the same function. After graduationPlanning Engineer can make room in urban managemeNt district or the consulting firms and planning architecture ... 

QPlanning practice of the Transportation Engineering students like? 
Mr. Son: Faculty has plans for your practice through drills workers.You can contact the company prior to practice. 

Q: Where have the Master System training for Architect graduated students? 
Mr. Son: It is, of course, even higher, only architecture currently no. 

Q: If I studied college but I want to monitor civil constructionpossible? 
Mr. Son: Curriculum enrichment for students with basic knowledge.Students can do it but there must be a practicing certificate. 

Q: During the training program that taught 3DS MAX or not? 
Mr. Son: This is just the tool support.The program focuses mainly knowledge and skills of studenDr.With this tool, students can hone through short courses in schools and centers. 

Some pictures at freshmen’s meeting past: 


Dr.Tran Chuong share the things you should know to new students and introduce faculty staff 


Dr.Phan Truong Son introduces students to the content of high-quality programs 


FAQ between freshmen and faculties 


Assistant students and new students monitored chat sessions content 


Senior student team are full of dynamicenthusiasticsupported new students to learn about the university 




Dạy bằng tiếng anh được đánh giá là tiến trình lâu dài mà khoa KTCT cần phải thực hiện theo kế hoạch của trường. Để thực hiện nó, khoa KTCT đã có kế hoạch cụ thể như mỗi giảng viên chọn một môn học dịch, thực hành giảng một chương bất kỳ bằng tiếng anh. Vào ngày 25/8/2014 Khoa KTCT đã tổ chức buổi thực hành giảng đầu tiên với sự tham gia tự nguyện của TS Đỗ Nguyễn Văn Vương và TS Lưu Nguyễn Nam Hải.

Thành phần tham dự có sự hiện diện của ông Nguyễn Văn Ngoan- Phó trưởng phòng Thanh tra pháp chế an ninh, Thầy Bạch Hưng Nguyên- trung tâm Toeic, giảng viên và sinh viên khoa KTCT.

Buổi thực hành giảng tiếng anh của TS Đỗ Nguyễn Văn Vương thuộc bộ môn Xây dựng dân dụng với nội dung “Concepts of Finite Element Analysis” và TS Lưu Nguyễn Nam Hải phó trưởng khoa thuộc bộ môn cơ sở với nội dung “Analysis of Statically IndeterminateStructures- Force Method- Introduction. Buổi thực hành giảng đã đảm bảo đầy đủ yêu cầu về kiến thức chuyên ngành, sử dụng ngoại ngữ thông thạo, phong cách giảng viên tự tin, truyền đạt dễ hiểu, thu hút được sinh viên tham gia nghe giảng và đặt câu hỏi.


TS Đỗ Nguyễn Văn Vương đang thực hành giảng



Recently, on 29th July 2014, the Faculty of Civil Engineering organized the end of school year 2013-2014 meeting at meeting room C, Ton Duc Thang University, Tan Phong Ward, District 7.

Those who took part in this meeting were all of officers, lecturers and leaders in the department. Besides, we also had Mr. Vu An Ninh, chief of Administrative Office, Ton Duc Thang University.

In this meeting Dr. Tran Chuong - dean of the department who chaired the meeting, reported all department’s jobs, achievements in last school year as well as something that we need to improve in next school-year. The meeting also set higher goals of education mission for the next school year.


 PhD. Tran Chuong - dean of the Falcuty of Civil Engineering in the ceremony

After the report of Dr. Tran Chuong, Mr. Vu An Ninh congratulated these achievements which were accomplished by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He also sincerely commented and contributed some deep ideas about the lectures, students and scientific research management. In his opinion, the faculty should its own enhance internal solidarity.


The atmosphere in the ceremony

Then, there was the completed-task assessment part of all lecturers and officers in last school-year. Everyone in the department read their reports and self - assessment by themselves. The leaders considered through it, assessed and gave out the faculty’s decision. The result of the lecturers, who completed their tasks, would be continued to vote for the title “Chiến sĩ thi đua” and “Lao động tiên tiến”.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering



On 03/25/2014 at 9:30, Faculty of Engineering organized a workshop about innovation program "Solutions to improve the quality of teaching in a positive way." The seminar was attended by leaders of Faculty of Engineering, all faculty and staff department, the participation of representatives of departments including Nguyen Thi Suong Nguyet - Head of Testing and Verification the quality, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoang - representing training department and more than 40 students.


Opening the conference, Dr. Phan Truong Son associate vice dean of Faculty of Engineering opening statement of the conference. The innovation of teaching methods is essential to help improve the quality of teaching motto, student is center, helps maximize the initiative, creativity, thinking, self-learning ability of students.  Because of that, the presiding, Dr. Tran Chuong, dean of Faculty of Engineering , has emphasized the importance of the conference, renewing method of teaching and learning under the direction of the school. He has more to share experiences and after this workshop, Faculty of Engineering will have many more positive changes.



IMG 9923

Dr. Chuong Tran, Dean of Engineering expressed his opinions in the workshop.

Continue programs, PhD. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai - Vice Dean of Engineering - chaired discussions of the speech of Engineering faculty through their teaching experience with a number of topics as "effects of goal setting process to future results of student learning", "presentation innovate methods of teaching and learning", "the key element to have a good learning" .. .. All the presentations of the lecturers are collected, the collection proceedings, were distributed to the participants.

IMG 9942

Master Vo Thanh Nam presented the topic "The key element to have a good learning"

The seminar was honored to share the sincere from the department. Ms. Nguyen Thi Suong Nguyet contribute some ideas about encouraging learning TOEIC for  block of technique to be competitive in the future, the issue of records especially freshman ... Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoang - representatives training room shared: "the contribution of the teachers are very real and can encourage how to apply the curriculum. Instructors trying to convey to focus students, students who need more effort to acquire ideas on ... "

ScreenHunter 01 Mar. 27 14

Representative departments contribute their opinions in seminars

The speech was interested students, through workshops, students ask questions and raise their expectations for learning and career. Here are some questions and answers are summarized:

Students: They want the teachers told more about actual construction for more comfortable and approach the issues in future work.

IMG 9952

Student comments in the seminar.

Students: The course is usually only 1 session / week, how to remember longer and can meet the requirements of lecturers for the courses?

Answer: Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai Liu has guide the skills for students studying for the theoretical courses and exercises, strengthening self-study and homework.

Student: Supporting methods homework for students, however, only a few students do and often copy each other, the results are not as expected initially. How to fix this problem?

Answer: Mr. Tran Chuong not encourage students to respond, and analyze what is lost if students do not have high self-discipline. Mr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai has proposed method is applied, that he has used birth dates of students doing technical data for the exercises. But first student need to have self-discipline and learn more material.

The ceremony took place successfully and ended at 11:30 am the same day. Through the seminar, Faculty of engineering have more experience and valuable contributions from invited guests to the teaching and learning is increasingly effective.

IMG 9975

The faculty of engineering photographic memories.

Faculty of Civil Engineering.



Early in 2014, the faculty of civil engineering has received two new lecturers - Lê Tố Quyên and Hoàng Thị Phương Thảo. They were the top students of the 11th session, sector of Urban Planning, of the school year 2007-2012 at Ton Duc Thang University. This is a good new for the faculty because right after graduation, two new engineers received scholarships to study abroad retreat master degree according to university's policy. After a period of study abroad, they have successfully defended a master's thesis in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Chinese Culture - Taiwan.

For new graduated students, Miss Quyen advised: "The abroad studying course in Master degree is a great opportunity for graduated students like me to gathering knowledge and others skills. you should prepare base knowledge and ready to take new opportunities".

This is result of the right policies implementation of university's administrators, as well as the striving in teaching and learning of lecturers and students in the faculty of civil engineering. New opportunities are always there for students who try hard to study and search for it.


Faculty of Civil Engineering.


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