“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” Of The Faculty Of Civil Engineering

It’s a yearly traditonal activity of Faculty of Civil Engineering that whenever the Mid-autumn comes, their Youth Union members will always hold a Mid-autumn festival for disavantaged childen in many diffirent forms.

This year, with the " HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL" theme, the program was widely notified from 09.18.2013 to 01.09.2013 and attracted more than 202 Youth Union members. During that time, thanks to the interest and support of Faculty’s teachers, we has made 200 lanterns, mobilized 800,000 VND from Faculty’s students, 200 mooncakes from alumni, 200 dumplings from the canteen B, C of Ton Duc Thang University and more than 100 sets of clothes and toys.


In 18/09/2013, the program has been going on throughout the day. In the morning, it was organized at Rose shelter in Cu Chi where the students has organized a meal together with those kids, given gifts, played games, and especially, contributed to remodel and decorate rooms for them. In the afternoon, the program continued to district 1, district 4, district 7... to hold a Mid-autumn festival for the street children. Tears welled from their eyes when they held the gifts in hands because they were now happy with more friends, and elders beside them.

The program closed with the children’s joy, the caring, solidarity and sharing from Youth Union members of Civil Engineering Faculty have created a cozy Mid-autumn for all children. For the Youth Union members, this was a meaningful mid-autumn season. Their little things had brought a great happiness to children in difficult circumstances. “Others and your small happiness begin at a little action of yourself "- this is the message that all Youth Union members want to send to everyone through this program.

Some images in the program:

 Youth Union members focus on making lanterns.

 Organizing games for the children at Rose shelter, Cu Chi district.


Giving gifts to children.

 Always beside and sharing with children.

 All Youth Union members take anniversary picture with the Dean of the Faculty, Ph.D Phan Truong Son.

 Collectivity takes pictures with the kids.

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