A girl’s impressions and feelings about studying the building and constructions

Choosing the path to future, anyone thought carefully, decided on dreams, but also had many peple follow family circumstances.


Being a girl, who wants to become a financial accountant, a teacher, a flight attendant... Jobs in essence of daughter. Ownself chose an other way, got to civil engineer.

The trade isn’t strange to men, but it’s fresh word in a girl’s dictionary. Because of apart of family directions, a challenge, I dared to decide this, go on to studying.

When I steped into the classroom, I were worry so much. Almost are boys, I am not only hotgirl but also belle of class =)). First, I were so scare, shy, low self-esteem.Feeling that everyone stared me out of countenance, but had some one give me an admiring look.

Sometime I bored and wanted give up, but thanks to teachers and all boy classmate, I passed to learn in this enviroment. So I happy, feel myself is a part of them.The student’s first time, the study wasn’t  more difficult.

The basic knowlege of building branch made me interesting, practical.

Currently, I have passed a halfway, and I still gone on. I realize that I had grown up, thought more clearly in university. Now, I’m learning specialist building, I am made to know good somethings and so attractive. I must admit that the technique is very heavy. As is the design of learning, it’s unlike group discussion and the challenge when graduates university.

Girls, anyone have the energy, but be traned in this circumstances, personal was more strongly.

One desicion is true or not, but with the determine pursue one's road at least, I sure, myself will overcome difficulties.By having a thorough grasp of  basic, as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry. And there will be open more way is welcome.

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