Smart floating house

The mistake on a calculation in class is not a matter because at least you just may score lower, but that on a practical experiment can lead to an unexpectedly harmful result. Therefore, you must pay attention on it. This experience is a result of my two months hard-working with the project: ''smart floating house".


"Smart floating house" is a product which is floating, detachable, installable, moveable and special- function. In this paper, I would rather talk about my adventure  than my project.

Absolutely, every adventure has it's own chalenge and difficulty, which always happend unexpectedly. 

At first time, we must deal with many problems such as unrealized mistakes, inexperience, which took us too much time to refair, improve and enhance our product. Besides, making a pattern exact in structure as designment as well as meeting the schedule were our big chalenges.


We started our project at manufacturing mill in Binh Chanh distric where we spent most of our time to bore, cut and weld ourselves every day. After a hard-working month, we assemded  and texted  our pattern at Ton Duc Thang university. Then, we continuely improved and completed product which after that taken to An Giang province where the chalenge once again challenged us because the unexpected condition and terrain leaded to the continuous change on the project. Furthermore, some supporters suffered from some problems with health because of the hard-working and in appropriate accidents when the house just had the main part. From 11 declining to 4 and then 2 members we lacked of  strength  to complete the project.


The conduction of the project: “flood unaffected smart house” would have never been successful without the help of these my best friends: Quy Minh, Trong Khai, Huu Y, Duy Anh, Minh Tan, Tuan Kiet, Cong Tien and especially PhD. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai, who was always right beside us to give help.

We came over all difficulties thanks to our cooperation and our friendship. What imprinted in our mind is our most beautiful memory which are full of difficulties which we all came over, useful experiences, meaningful lessons and beautiful time

we had together. It is the most precious treasure that we receive after the adventure. Although everything will be in order, I will change in someways. That may be a more mature in myself.

In all, I would like to share an idea that if you don’t want to be unuseful as well as to live in a boring life. Listen to your passion, your interest and your ambition. Accept the challenge. Trying to defeat yourself to be more active, more brave in order to approach your goal. And then, try your best on way to your dream.



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