Warm Sunday

Orientation towards children, elderly people, disadvantaged families and development of enthusiasm, creativity in study and movement lies at the core of activities organized by Youth Union.

In the series of voluntary Sundays, on 14 April 2013, the Steering committee held the trip to the Dieu Giac Pagoda Orphanage located on Tran Nao Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This activity attracted direct paticipation of 30 students as well as indirect one of 425 students by donating money.

The members had the opportunity to understand more about the children’s thoughts, know their circumstances, and especially, give their love in the most sincere way. We hoped that they would become less lonely, live a happy life and try their best to contribute in building our own country.


Here, the Youth Union also organized some activities including holding entertainment games, gifting and helping to prepare the kids’ meals. Despite lack of time, the Youth has collected such many things that they love their lives more, and work harder to build up a richer and stronger country.

The messages which members want to send to society are the solidarity, the mutual help, and the desire for everybody to contribute more and interest more in social security of our country.

Some of the event’s photos :



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