A Green Sunday In Tan Kieng Ward

On Sunday morning of 7 April 2013, the Steering committee of Youth Union organized Green Sunday program on the neighborhoods of Tân Kiểng Ward, District 7. This is an annual activity of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Tân Kiểng Ward.

With the attendance of 115 youth delegates as well as Tan Kieng Ward's team members, all in the spirit of environment protection, we cleaned the waste sites on Street14, Town 3. We also removed ads on the electric poles at town 4, and collected the wasted plastic, bottles to donate for the fund of underprivileged children of Tân Kiểng Ward. In spite of heavy load, all the tasks were done quite fast in the atmosphere of voluntary for society.


Through this activity, the Youth Union wants to send an message “For a Green – Clean – Beautiful Environment” to raise the awareness of society in environment protection.

Some of the event’s images :

Unsticking the advertisement on the electricity poles




Cleaning the junk dens on Street 14, Neighborhood 3

Source: Faculty of Civil Engineering

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