Master of Civil and Industrial Engineering

1. Program Description

  • Department/faculty: Civil and Industrial Engineering/ Civil engineering faculty.
  • Degrees conferred: Master of Civil and Industrial Engineering.
  • Overview of the program: Provide up-to-date knowledge to improve a construction engineer to meet the needs in research as well as requirements for professional development in the field of civil and industrial engineering. Helping learners gain the abilities to detect, analyze, evaluate and solving problem by practicing in order to become the site manager, consulting and designer, contractor and supervisor of construction activities in the domestic and/or international enterprises..

2. Intended Program Outcomes


Helping students collect the advanced knowledge, the new technologies and their effective application. The program‘s knowledge is designed as an intermediate step to a higher degree (PhD). The following criteria are focused:

  • Equipped with advanced knowledge about analytical methods and also structures monitoring consistent with the trend of world development.
  • Equipped with advanced knowledge on the reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, new materials, basement structures and methods of foundation solutions.


  • Provides the advanced skills in programming, information processing and computing technology. Help students consolidates the methodology in order to improve their self-research and problem solving skills in the real situation.
  • Train the candidates with self-study materials and find resources through the implementation of essays and Master thesis.

3. Degree Curriculum

For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.

3.1.   General courses

  • Philosophy.
  • Scientific research methodology.
  • Solid Mechanics.

3.2.   Foundation and Major courses

  • Basic of Plasticity.
  • Finite Element Method.
  • Plate and Shell.
  • Advanced Reinforced Concrete structures.
  • 1st elective course.

3.3.   Elective courses

  • Advanced of Soil Mechanics.
  • Dynamic of Structure.
  • Effective Foundation Solutions.
  • Composite Structure.
  • Optimization of Structures Design.
  • Fracture Mechanics.
  • Construction Project Management.
  • Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Structure.
  • Advanced in Construction Material.
  • Soft skills…

3.4.   Master Thesis

3.5.   Additional Courses and Requirements

English:TOEFL iBT 45

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