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Early in 2014, the faculty of civil engineering has received two new lecturers - Lê Tố Quyên and Hoàng Thị Phương Thảo. They were the top students of the 11th session, sector of Urban Planning, of the school year 2007-2012 at Ton Duc Thang University. This is a good new for the faculty because right after graduation, two new engineers received scholarships to study abroad retreat master degree according to university's policy. After a period of study abroad, they have successfully defended a master's thesis in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Chinese Culture - Taiwan.

For new graduated students, Miss Quyen advised: "The abroad studying course in Master degree is a great opportunity for graduated students like me to gathering knowledge and others skills. you should prepare base knowledge and ready to take new opportunities".

This is result of the right policies implementation of university's administrators, as well as the striving in teaching and learning of lecturers and students in the faculty of civil engineering. New opportunities are always there for students who try hard to study and search for it.


Faculty of Civil Engineering.


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