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Ton Duc Thang University student launch Factory Tour 2017

Following on the successful implementation of the factory tour-2016 program, this year, Vinh Tuong - Gyproc continues to visit the Hiep Phuoc - Gyproc - Vinh Tuong factory, belonging to the Saint-Gobain Group, France. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the production process of modern light materials such as gypsum board, calcium silicate sheets, skeletons, walls ... In addition, this is an opportunity for architects, TDT's future construction engineers broaden their knowledge of light, green and modern building materials.


The 1st Contest "Creative engineer" in 2016

The 1st Contest "Creative engineer" in 2016

 About the contest:

"Creative Engineer" is an academic competition about the construction field, held by Creative Zone Club - Civil Engineering Faculty.

The competition is an interesting playground, rewarding students from major of Construction. Coming to the competition,students have more opportunity to network, learn and exchange experiences in learning, and applying the acquired knowledge to solve practical problems and access, update information , the technology of the construction industry.

Through the competition students can practice soft skills, communication skills, teamworking skills, ..Passion and enthusiasm from the Contest brings extra motivation in learning.

The competition attracted more than 150 students participated, devided into teams (from Ton DucThang University, HutechUniversity, Van Lang University, University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City).

Clip about the contest:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JhOM8XX4oo

Contents of the contest (which is divided into 4 rounds):

Date 11/05/2016 the contest officially opened in the campus of Ton DucThang University. It is hornored with with the presence of Mr. Nguyen TrungDinh (Director Business Cooperation Center and Alumni Ton DucThang University), Mr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai (Head of Department Technical Department facility works - Ton DucThang University, Senior Adviser Crative Club Zone), and the lecturer of the Faculty Civil Engineering .After the ceremony, Round 1, called "Amazing race" took place to turn crews experiencing challenges by declassified letters, join the movement and mind games.

Clip for round1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuLnNJ18dfk&feature=youtu.be


All teams are very exciting


Mr.Nguyễn Trung Đình give speech


Rector of  Creative Zone give flowers to lecturers


              The team show their willingness


Team from Văn Lang University


Team from Hutech University


Team from Văn Lang is very focus on declassifying letters


Technical Education University’s team in team building game


              All teams are focusing

Dated 06.11.2016, at Ton DucThang Universitycampus, Round 2, called "Challenge payload" of the competition "Creative Engineer" is taking place.In this round, the teams have to design model with 3 different stage.

 Part 1: Presentation of the ideas, design plans and construction of a bridge, the aesthetic harmony of shape, sharp detail, creativity and originality.

 Part 2: Determination of the volume, the size of the newly designed models.

 Part 3: Loading experiment.

After the round, the organizers have chosen the best 9 team to move on to round 3, called "Learning knowledge".



Teams are finishing the model



                             Teams are finishing the model



Taking picture with their model


Taking picture with their model


 Dr.Lưu Nguyễn Nam Hải explaining the Round 2 Rules


Dr. LưuNguyễn Nam Hải give comments


The 1st team

              From 10 - 11/11/2016, the teams go on to visit the actual building (technology uboot floor) Ltd. Construction of Lam Pham Construction.After visiting the works, the teams must make notes of what they had seen, observers in the work to prepare the presentation for the 3rd round of Contest, called "Learning knowledge".

Clip Round  2+3:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BtNfv1GqyY


Teams at the construction site


Teams at the construction site

Dated 13.11.2016 morning, in Hall 6B Ton DucThang University, Creative Zone Club - held a final round (Round 3 + 4) of the contest "Creative Engineer".

Going to the event has: Mr.NguyenTrungDinh - Business Cooperation Center and Alumni, Mr. Dr. Tran Minh Tung – Dean of CEF, Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai also asMr.Nguyen Van Khuong - CIC5 company director, Bui ThanhNhan - company representatives from Lam Pham CConstruction Ltd and students from the University of Ton DucThang,HutechUniversity,Van Lang University.

In Round 3, turn the presentation team for the content of the visit actual works and answer oral questions from the jury.

Finish round 3, pick 4 teams BTC best achievement to take part in 4 deaths, called "Road to Olympia".


          Singing performance from Creative Zone



The teams’ presentation


          The teams’ presentation


The judges give questions and comments


 The judges give questions and comments


          The end of Round 4, all teams waiting for the final result



The 1st team receive prize from the organizations


          Representatives of Creative Zone Clubgive flowers to Dr. Trần  Minh Tùng, Dr. Lưu Nguyễn Nam Hải.


Representatives of Creative Zone Club give flowers to Dr.Nguyễn Trung Đình

Dr. Trần Minh Tùng and Dr. Lưu Nguyễn Nam Hải give flowers to the supporting Business Unit



Workshop on Ubot Floor Structure

Dated 12.11.2016 morning, in room D0205, the seminar "Solution on Ubot floor structure " has taken place, by Lam Pham Construction Co. (LPC) in collaboration with the Faculty of Civil Engineering- Ton Duc Thang University.


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