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At 10.30am, 12nd August 2014, Faculty of Civil Engineering continued Journal Club’s activities with the presentations of Dr. Tu Anh Trinh about Ecological Indicator ("Accessibility to green space: GIS based indicators for Sustainable planning in a dense urban context" - Elsevier 42, 2014, page 122-134) and Dr. Le Minh Ngo about Urban Planning and Design ("Co-evolution: a model for renovation of traditional urban fringe of Villages in Guangzhou, China",Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering)

Those who attend meetings are faculty leaderships, Ms.Ngoc Hang Pham - an expert from Department of Science and Technology Development and faculty lecturers and officials.

At the beginning, Dr. Tu Anh Trinh presented "Accessibility to green space: GIS based indicators for Sustainable planning in a dense urban context". She highlighted the main content of the article: the role and importance of green space in urban areas, not only on environmental issues but also on attention to the interests of vulnerable objects such as children, the elderly; thereby measuring the area which lack access to green space with reasonable method. Specific conclusions of the topic (the impact of the outcome variables) as well as implications for urban planning were also presented in detail.


The presentation of Dr. Tu Anh Trinh

Lately, Dr. Le Minh Ngo introduced a model for innovation of traditional villages in urban fringe of Guangzhou, China through analyzing two existing typical models. Based on the research, the authors proposed a new model: Co-evolution model with main idea which is to establish an intermediate space supporter between the urban and village. Besides, Dr. Le Minh Ngo’s also gave out his personal opinion for the content of research articles. Finally, Dr. Le Minh Ngo shared more about the process of a publish on international journals. Therefore, people understood more about the difficulties that confront scientists to get recognition from their research on international scientific journals.


Dr. Le Minh Ngo with his presentation

The presentations had attracted the attention and comments of the faculty. Associate Professor.Dr.Bich Thuy Le Thi and Ms.Minh Hoang Tran raises questions for the topic "Accessibility to green space: GIS based indicators for Sustainable planning in a dense urban context" - presented by Dr. Trinh Tu Anh. The questions focused into the practical application as well as research methods of the subject in Vietnam. 
Dr.Chuong Tran also expressed his interest in the project "Co-evolution: a model for renovation of traditional urban fringe of Villages in Guangzhou, China". He wonder whether the development application research in models was carried out in Vietnam


The faculty focuson content of Dr. Le Minh Ngo’sarticle

At the end of the discussion, Dr.Chuong Tran has proposed the establishment of two research groups and has been enthusiastically endorsed by the faculty.
1. Research Team of Civil Engineering: Head by Dr. Van Vuong Do Nguyen with department’s Doctors and Masters.
2. Research Team of Architecture & Planning: Head by Dr. Le Minh Ngo and department’s Doctors and Masters.
The faculty also discussed and planed activities for each team in the future. The most important was that each team aims to have at least one article published in the first to third ranked international journal.

Faculty of Civil Engineering



Recently, on 29th July 2014, the Faculty of Civil Engineering organized the end of school year 2013-2014 meeting at meeting room C, Ton Duc Thang University, Tan Phong Ward, District 7.

Those who took part in this meeting were all of officers, lecturers and leaders in the department. Besides, we also had Mr. Vu An Ninh, chief of Administrative Office, Ton Duc Thang University.

In this meeting Dr. Tran Chuong - dean of the department who chaired the meeting, reported all department’s jobs, achievements in last school year as well as something that we need to improve in next school-year. The meeting also set higher goals of education mission for the next school year.


 PhD. Tran Chuong - dean of the Falcuty of Civil Engineering in the ceremony

After the report of Dr. Tran Chuong, Mr. Vu An Ninh congratulated these achievements which were accomplished by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He also sincerely commented and contributed some deep ideas about the lectures, students and scientific research management. In his opinion, the faculty should its own enhance internal solidarity.


The atmosphere in the ceremony

Then, there was the completed-task assessment part of all lecturers and officers in last school-year. Everyone in the department read their reports and self - assessment by themselves. The leaders considered through it, assessed and gave out the faculty’s decision. The result of the lecturers, who completed their tasks, would be continued to vote for the title “Chiến sĩ thi đua” and “Lao động tiên tiến”.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering



May 30th 2014 at 13:00 pm, in room B205, Civil Engineering Faculty cooperated with Vietnam HSD Company to organize "Tekla BIM Workshop - The best solution for civil engineers" successfully.

The board, lecturers, invited guesses and students of civil engineering faculty attended this events.

At the beginning, Dr. Phan Truong Son shared his opinions about this activity. That was a good chance for civil engineering students to study and gain more experiences in practice. Besides that, the faculty lecturers also have more opportunities to seek a new technology.

After that, Ms. Le To Quyen made a brief introduction about Ton Duc Thang University and Civil Engineering Faculty. Then, Vietnam HSD representatives introduced Tekla software which well-known as a good choice for those who were working in civil engineering field especially in Concrete Design, Steel Structure or Construction Management. The representative showed in detail how to use this software and its utilities.

This activity seemed to attract the concerns of students that was showed through their questions especially about its application in course projects.

The workshop ended at 16:00 pm in the same day.


Dr. Phan Truong Son with his speech


Ms. Le To Quyen introduced Ton Duc Thang Unviersity and Civil Engineering Faculty


Vietnam HSD representative talked about Tekla Software

Vietnam HSD representatives and Dr. Phan Truong Son

Souvenir photos of the workshop attendees

Faculty of Civil Engineering.


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