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To offer youth, volunteerism, philanthropic heart of the student community towards orphans in the orphanage, open houses, and children who have difficulties, Faculty Engineering Group has organized program "warm Autumn 2014" at Rose the warm house at provincial highway 8, Tan Thanh Tay commune, Cu Chi district, and the Mid-Autumn festival in secondary schools Tran Quoc Tuan, Tan Kieng ward, District 7, HCMC on dated 04.09.2014 with meaningful activities. 

Autumn chain warm operations stretching from 04/09 to 20/08 with the participation of more than 300 faculty members and youth engineering has achieved the following results: 

- Faculty Association has been sponsored from the deans, teachers, students, alumni and benefactor nearly 7,000,000, nearly 80 old clothes, toys...  

- Students of Faculty has done their 194 star lanterns within 10 days from 20/08 to 29/08.  

- Dr. Ngo Xuan Duoc, teacher of FEG, donated 100 Paos and 120 bottles of mineral water[Symbol]  

Teams of volunteers and home visiting lecturer Roses 09.04.2014 morning:  

  • Team 1: visiting, living room decoration, entertainment, awarded 85 prizes, take care of orphans under the guidance.  

  • Team 2: chippers, porter tile, flooring, toilet repairing 

  • Team 3: cleaning the garden, weeding, planting trees. On this occasion, Scientific Group 1 planted memorial tree for future shade when children play. 

Students is making star lanterns 

Lanterns has been done 

Autumn playing with the children at the Roses Orphanage

Students are portering firewood, cleaning orphanage 

Planting memorial tree 

[Symbol] Organize festival "Warm Mid - Autumn" for children in difficult circumstances on Tân Kiểng ward at secondary schools Trần Quốc Tuấn evening of 09/04/2014: 

- Coordinate with Executive Committee of Tan Kieng ward organizing the festival game, giving gifts, playing with children. 

- Give 350 gifts including dumplings, mooncakes, lanterns, candles, water streams, notebooks  

Organizing games with children of Tan Kieng ward 


Warm Mid - Autumn night 


Giving gifts 


Students taking a memorial picture after the festival 



On  August 28, 2014, Faculty of Civil Engineering hasorganized a meeting for freshmen at the hall 6B from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. Participate in the meeting included: Dr.Tran Chuong  Dean of FacultyDr.Phan Truong Son - Vice-Dean - Head of Department of Construction EngineeringDr.Pham Son Tung - Assistant Dean, MA.Arch.Do Thi Phuong Lam  Head of Department of Urban and Regional Planningall Faculty’s staff - teachers and new studenDr. 

At the beginningDr.Tran Chuong speech welcoming faculty new membersreminding students not to forget about school discipline as well as the issues that you need to pay attention in the new training environment.  The no less important is information about high-quality class to which faculty are trained was introduced by Dr.Phan Truong Son.The above information has attracted the attention of students through questions.

The meeting seemed hotter with the participation of students through the questions revolve around the topics of careers.Some questions and answers are summarized as follows: 

Q: I learned English very poorly, Can I participate in high-quality class? 

Mr. Son: There are many methods to improve students' skills, while participation in high-quality classyou have the learning engine, the environment to improve your English skills. 

Q: Architecture & Urban Planningwhich department have a better chance?  
Ms. Lam: Which sector is also very useful and outputs are architect (Engineering Architect and Planning Architect).Therefore, the most important is that students have to hone their skills and their knowledge of the craft, plus the love which set the stage for the career opportunities in the future. 

Q: After studying Planning can only work for the Government, right or wrong?   
Ms. Lam: Totally incorrect, because there are many private entities participating in the real estate market as well as design urban planning.Students can participate in planning or planning consultant for the project. 

Q: Graduating with a BA, Engineer or Architect? 
Mr. Son: Faculty of Civil Engineering’ students will be graduate as Engineers and Architects 

Q: The difference between Planning Engineer and Planning Arch?What about the pratice? 
Ms. Lam: Ton Duc Thang University diploma is Planning Engineer.These two forms have the same function. After graduationPlanning Engineer can make room in urban managemeNt district or the consulting firms and planning architecture ... 

QPlanning practice of the Transportation Engineering students like? 
Mr. Son: Faculty has plans for your practice through drills workers.You can contact the company prior to practice. 

Q: Where have the Master System training for Architect graduated students? 
Mr. Son: It is, of course, even higher, only architecture currently no. 

Q: If I studied college but I want to monitor civil constructionpossible? 
Mr. Son: Curriculum enrichment for students with basic knowledge.Students can do it but there must be a practicing certificate. 

Q: During the training program that taught 3DS MAX or not? 
Mr. Son: This is just the tool support.The program focuses mainly knowledge and skills of studenDr.With this tool, students can hone through short courses in schools and centers. 

Some pictures at freshmen’s meeting past: 


Dr.Tran Chuong share the things you should know to new students and introduce faculty staff 


Dr.Phan Truong Son introduces students to the content of high-quality programs 


FAQ between freshmen and faculties 


Assistant students and new students monitored chat sessions content 


Senior student team are full of dynamicenthusiasticsupported new students to learn about the university 




Teaching in English is considered a long-term process that Civil Engineering Faculty has to comply with the school’s targets. In order to accomplish it, every lecturer of the faculty was asked to choose a specific subject to prepare and teach in english. On 25th August 2014, the Faculty Civil Engineering held the first practice English lecture with two delegates of Dr. Do Nguyen Van Vuong and Dr. Nguyen Luu Nam Hai. There are also participations of Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoan - Deputy Chief Office of Inspection and Internal Supervision, Mr. Bach Hung Nguyen – TDT Toeic center, as well as lecturers and students of Civil Engineering Faculty.

Dr. Do Nguyen Van Vuong from Department of Transportation Engineering taught about "Finite Element Analysis of Concepts", and Dr. Nguyen Luu Nam Hai from Department of Basic taught about "Analysis of statically Indeterminate Force Structures – Method - Introduction”. With specialized knowlegde, foreign language proficiency, communicate ability of lecturers, these lessons were adequate not only to attracted students but also encourage them to ask questions.


Dr. Do Nguyen Van Vuong was praticing teaching by English 


Dr. Do Nguyen Van Vuong – Department of Transportation Engineering


Dr. Nguyen Luu Nam Hai – Department of Basic

 The practice could be considered as the first success in teaching by English of Civil Engineering Faculty. This was also an opportunity to share teaching experience among faculty lecturers.


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