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In semester 1 of school year 2014-2015, Ton Duc Thang University is pleased to welcome Lao students to study. Phommavongsa Sengduane, Savath Sinnasone, Boulapha Nouanetha study Civil and Industrial Construction at Faculty of Civil Engineering. The students had been learning Vietnamese more than 1 year on the campus. Because the program is compiled by Vietnamese, Lao’s students faced with many difficulties. However, with the help of the school dormitory, the concern of the faculty, especially their teacher and classmates, Lao students got familiar with the school. According to Huynh Thanh Tien – a monitor of 14080101 –  "They are very sociable. Classe becomes more fun. Thanks to their presences".

It is also concerned as a success of Ton Duc Thang University in attracting international students to the campus.


Lao’s students: Savath Sinnasone, Phommavongsa Sengduane, Boulapha Nouanetha


 Lao students, class monitor and their teacher – MA. Le Thi Thanh Tram - discuss the learning situation



On September 20th 2014, Ton Duc Thang University organized The Traditional Festival to celebrate 17 years of success establishment (24/09/1997 - 24/09/2014). Immersing in the joy of the whole school, Faculty of Civil Engineering students, alumni and lecturer joined into with abundant diverse activies.

Although the main activities of the festival started at 8:00am, but the students were present from early to prepare their thoughtfully participation.

Students of the faculty were preparing and decorating their booth

The exhibition booths wiht blueprints, students’ models combined with the food, games had extremely impressed. It not only highlighted the characteristics of faculty but also represented unlimited creativity of the students.


Faculty of Civil Engineering’s booth impressed with characteristic design

Furthermore, a group of chosen students joined in a poster design competition - “Proud of Vietnam Islands”. By their creativity and hard-working, they created a suitable poster in limited time with the main features of soldiers, national flag as well as Vietnamese territory including Truong Sa and Hoang Sa Island.

Faculty of Civil Engineering poster “Proud of Vietnam Islands

On this occasion, the school also welcomes alumni back. It is the chance for students to interact with them to learn more studying experiences and have overall future career prospect. It also demonstrated the quality of university education when many alumni success in their career.


Dr. Tran Chuong and Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai with alumni of faculty


Souvenir pictures of faculty leadership, lecturersand alumni

The traditional day ended fantastically and impressively with an artistic show “TDT by night” which performed by the Students' Union, Student Media Group S-TDT Communications and The Arts Club.


Faculty of Civil Engineering students joined “TDT BY NIGHT”

Festival ended successfully filled with indescribable emotion. Thus students will be sure remember these beautiful memories of beloved university whether they are. They will be proud of the name "student of Ton Duc Thang” and remain love forever in their hearts.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering



Tu Quoc Manh who was honored to receive the Dreams Strengthening Scholarship because of his academic achievements, scientific research and activities is a student of Civil Engineering Faculty.

With research project "Childhood Wonders - Geodesic Orchestra in The Modern Urban” Quoc Manh has achieved "Dreams Strengthening" Scholarship. Previously, this topic also made him win the third place in Eureka Competition and run into the National Technical Innovation Competition. Moreover, Manh is very active in student activities such as blood donation, Examinee Supporting Season, Summer Green Campaign, organizing charity events or the most prominent one - "Spring of voluntary 2010" at Nguyen Dinh Chieu high-school.

Achievements of Tu Quoc Manh that have been mentioned are:

  • Organize Successful Autumn programs for children at Tan Kieng Ward.
  • Organize charity programs in Little Rose orphanage at Cu Chi Province.
  • Organize charitable donation program for Nguyen Dinh Chieu handicapped school, District 5.
  • Certificate of Health Student at the university.
  • Certificate of participate actively in Spring volunteer program 2012.
  • School award of participation in the Association Council 2010-2011.
  • Award of Ton Duc Thang University in 2014 about academic performance.
  • Certificate of blood donation.
  • Certificate of Merit of student research – Third place of Eureka by the Executive Association Board of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Certificate of Merit in 2011-2012.
  • Certificate of participation in Summer Green Campaign.
  • Certificate of participation in Examinee Supporting Season.
  • Certificate of Merit for contributing in scientific research by of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Tu Quoc Manh was in the scholarship ceremony

Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai and his research team

Overview of  the ceremony

Tu Quoc Manh and one of his activities



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