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On 18th April 2015, the Faculty Civil Engineering – Ton Duc Thang University cooperated with INTOC company organized the workshop "waterproofing for construction" at room D501, Ton Duc Thang University, Tan Phong Ward, District 7.


Workshop “Waterproofing for construction”- Ton Duc ThangUniversity

Mr Nguyen Trung Dinh – Director of Business cooperation and Alumni Center  - Ton Duc Thang University; Dr.Tran Chuong –faculty Dean; Dr.Tran Minh Tung – Vice Dean; Mr. Do Thanh Tich – Director of Tan Tin Thanh company; lectures and employees of Tan Tin Thanh company and nearly 200 students of the Faculty Civil Engineering.


Nearly 200 students and lectures of the Faculty Civil Engineering

At the beginning, Dr. Tran Chuong – Faculty dean had shared his opinions and opened the workshop.


TS. Trần Chương opened  the workshop

Then, the presentations began with the sharing of waterproofing situations of Vietnam and the world with these problems exist in the current waterproofing. Mr. Do Thanh Tich had given the objective comparison of the product on the market, enabling students access to practical knowledge in the field of construction and waterproofing today.


Mr.Do Thanh Tichpresent  Waterproofing techniques

Though workshop, Director of  Tan Thanh Tin company presented waterproofing products - INTOC for students. This is completely pure Vietnamese products in Vietnam market at  present. Moreover, Products also has been on the world market because of the efficiency and capability advantages of theirs.


Waterproofingproducts -INTOC

By comparison between the old and new waterproofing process, new waterproofing products - INTOC have overcome many of the disadvantages in comparison with many other products.


INTOC companygifts  for 9 students who had excellent questions

 The workshop takes place extremely nice with very large attention of the students of Construction Industry - Planning – Architecture . The discussion questions had given very excited about construction methods, the effectiveness of the project, the longevity and reliability of the product, ...


Dr. Tran Chuong gifts for represented companies

The presentations had attracted the attention and comments of the faculty’s lectures and students because of their usefulness and practicality. Waterproofing is not only affecting the concrete, but also affecting  steel structure thus it affects the reliability and safety of the construction. In the near future, the Faculty will organize similar practical workshops which give the students practical knowledge before graduation.



On 16th November 2014 "The Civil Engineering Facultys Closing Ceremony 2013-2014 and Discussion with Facultys Alumnitook place at Hall 6BThe meeting was attended by the faculty leadership, lecturers, a representative of the Student Affairs Office – Mr. Pham Vu Bao, alumni and all students of faculty. 


The atmosphere at the event 

Opening the amount of entertainment were meticulously prepared and magnificent such as “Ngau Hung Song Hong” by Quoc Anh student performances; “Hue  Em” by Thu Hien and Minh Hảo performed; faculty dance group performed “Huong Sac Mien Nam”; trio Trang Thanh-Thu Hoai-Minh Hao performed songs “Mot Thoang Que Huong”.  




Dr. Tran Chuong opening anouncement and summary report of activities in 2013-2014. Faculty has a large number of students and lecturers, joint training with the Slovakia, SacXon; but the situation of scientific research lecturers less. Counseling and monitoring center of faculty Civil Engineering achieved many achievements, Dr. Tran Chuong proposed new school year mission. 

After the summary assessment was a lecturer reward for lecturer with many achievements in the past year. Dr Luu Nguyen Nam Hai - basis department heads – achieved the achievement in the work of guiding students in scientific research; Msc Tran Quoc Toan and Msc Nguyen Dinh Nam completed the tasks in the 2013-2014 school year. 


Dr. Tran Chuong awarded three lecturers who performed well in school year 2013-2014. 

To narrow theoretical and practical as well as the successful development of their creative ideas into reality, the scientific study of students is very important. Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai exchange of scientific research students and the importance of scientific research students. 

To change the atmosphere of the event, the students brought to the hall amount of entertainment extremely unique. 

Next is the merit awarded to students who achieve excellence in academic results and good practice, Dr. Tran Minh Tung awards for student team gold medal for topics floating logistics module "Truong Sa". Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai awarded to students who successfully completed the task of class 12080201. 

Student Nguyen Ngo Thi Thanh Truc Narrator: “Nguoi Thay Nam Xua” to honor the teacher under the old school roof. Student Nguyen Khac An Quốc- Deputy Secretary faculty unions, students complete good, excellent training, speech teacher gratitude 20/11 anniversary coming and student representatives gave flowers to Dr. Tran Program Dr. Tran Minh Tung, Mr. Pham Vu Bao. 

Equally important part of the ceremony was the exchange of dialogue between students and alumni advisory board representing Dr. Tran Chuong, TS Tran Minh Tung, TS Ngo Le Minh, Dr. Luu Nguyen Nam Hai, alumni Tam Nguyen Cong officer urban Management District 5, alumni Vo Hoang Thang construction Inspection District 1. the exchange had attracted the attention of students, through which students could ask question, consultation, exchange and answer questions. The questions surrounded the issue of learning, learning materials, learning environment, and career orientation. 

Here are some questions of students 
Student: How to recruitment agencies in the State? 
Dr. Tran Chuong: For every work environment has the same thing, fisrt we must have good morals, good academic achievement. That's two criteria to evaluate employees. 

Nguyen Cong Tam: For construction consulting firm will be easier to take the job, for the state unit is more difficult, admission records considered tougher as the city residence, academic grade point average achieved good kind, directly into English by the state agency. In areas Ho Chi Minh city posts record of the City Commission of the Organizing Committee of Ho Chi Minh City or the Department of the Interior, which will consider the aspirations, held contests. 

Students: Students can visit the campus buildings are built with it? 

Ths. Tran Quoc Toan: Must have the consent of the school and go Lecturer guide a group or a class, students are not allowed to freely visit to ensure safety. 

Advisory Board in the discussion with students 

The ceremony took place in the solemn atmosphere but equally playful of musical repertoire. Thereby, Faculty of Civil Engineering can look back proudly on the achievements, see the weakness limited to the objectives set out plans for men to learn better. 




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