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“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” Of The Faculty Of Civil Engineering

It’s a yearly traditonal activity of Faculty of Civil Engineering that whenever the Mid-autumn comes, their Youth Union members will always hold a Mid-autumn festival for disavantaged childen in many diffirent forms.

This year, with the " HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL" theme, the program was widely notified from 09.18.2013 to 01.09.2013 and attracted more than 202 Youth Union members. During that time, thanks to the interest and support of Faculty’s teachers, we has made 200 lanterns, mobilized 800,000 VND from Faculty’s students, 200 mooncakes from alumni, 200 dumplings from the canteen B, C of Ton Duc Thang University and more than 100 sets of clothes and toys.


A girl’s impressions and feelings about studying the building and constructions

Choosing the path to future, anyone thought carefully, decided on dreams, but also had many peple follow family circumstances.


Smart floating house

The mistake on a calculation in class is not a matter because at least you just may score lower, but that on a practical experiment can lead to an unexpectedly harmful result. Therefore, you must pay attention on it. This experience is a result of my two months hard-working with the project: ''smart floating house".


Warm Charity Sunday Of The Faculty Of Civil Engineering

Bending to kids, elderly people, disadvantaged families, developing dynamic, innovative learning and movements are some activities that the Faculty of Civil Engineering regularly has regard and organized.

In the framework of voluntary Sunday, the Faculty’s Committee has come to the orphanage of Dieu Giac Pagoda which located on Tran Nao street, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.


Warm Sunday

Orientation towards children, elderly people, disadvantaged families and development of enthusiasm, creativity in study and movement lies at the core of activities organized by Youth Union.

In the series of voluntary Sundays, on 14 April 2013, the Steering committee held the trip to the Dieu Giac Pagoda Orphanage located on Tran Nao Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This activity attracted direct paticipation of 30 students as well as indirect one of 425 students by donating money.

The members had the opportunity to understand more about the children’s thoughts, know their circumstances, and especially, give their love in the most sincere way. We hoped that they would become less lonely, live a happy life and try their best to contribute in building our own country.


A Green Sunday In Tan Kieng Ward

On Sunday morning of 7 April 2013, the Steering committee of Youth Union organized Green Sunday program on the neighborhoods of Tân Kiểng Ward, District 7. This is an annual activity of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Tân Kiểng Ward.

With the attendance of 115 youth delegates as well as Tan Kieng Ward's team members, all in the spirit of environment protection, we cleaned the waste sites on Street14, Town 3. We also removed ads on the electric poles at town 4, and collected the wasted plastic, bottles to donate for the fund of underprivileged children of Tân Kiểng Ward. In spite of heavy load, all the tasks were done quite fast in the atmosphere of voluntary for society.


Civil Engineering Student’s Dialogue April 2012

Recently, there was an event took place at the Ton Duc Thang University’s block B that received highly expectation from 4 fomal training system in university, college, transferring and continuing education of Civil Engineering’ students. This was a dialogue between the leaders, teachers and students on solving problems, listening to the sharing and accepting the contributed opinions of students in Civil Engineering’ classes.


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