There are four departments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, as follows:

Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Trained engineers who have political qualities, moral character, physically fit, able to work collectively to meet the requirements of developing and defending the country.

Department of Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering is a major component of the civil engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines, according to specialization of academic courses and main competences of the involved territory. It is designed for students who have a good background in mechanics and an interest in the theory, practice, art, and science of bridge and highway engineering. The major helps provide graduates with an educational foundation appropriate for careers as consulting engineers, construction engineers, inspection engineers.

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

The program provides students with the basic knowledge of engineering, architecture base and specialized knowledge of urban planning and management.

Department of Architecture

Architecture Department of Civil Engineering Faculty – Ton Duc Thang University was established in 2013. In educational mission, the department provides a modern and versatile graduate course which targets at students’ architectural and graphic design abilities. The department educate architects who have enough basic knowledge and specialized knowledge to not only practice in professional architectural fields but also join in scientific research. The outstanding characteristics of Ton Duc Thang architect students are Modern –Innovative – Practical.

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