Ton Duc Thang’s Faculty of Civil Engineering was established since 20/11/1997 by Decision No. 3850/GD-ĐT of Ministry of Education permitted to train Civil Industrial Construction engineers. This is one of the first established departments of Ton Duc Thang University. At first, its only have 2 lecturers and trained 42 students about civil and industrial construction. After that it expanded to train Road and Bridges engineers in 2000, Urban and Regional Planning engineers in 2005 and Architects in 2013. In 2011, the Faculty of Civil Engineering had completed the Master training program of Civil and Industrial Construction and started a sandwich Doctor program. Since its inception, the manpower has grown from 2 formal lecturers to 67 lecturers and staves - including 1 Associate Professor, 19 Doctors (1 foreigner), 9 Student Researchers, 29 Masters and 9 Engineers. Moreover, the Faculty has 5 well-known Professors involve in consulting, teaching and researching. The total number of student is more than 2000 students, 30 graduate students, 4 post-graduate students. This shows a continuous growth in number, quality and society reputation over 17 years.


During training process, the Faculty always strengthens not only its management procedures but also renew the training programs. Since 2007, all the training programs had been designed into credit, the training period was 5 years has been reduced to 4.5 years for average students and reduced more for good or excellent students. In addition, they are annually adjusted to ensure standing to the actual construction in internality and abroad while equipped with expertise knowledge to help students to continue higher education after graduation. In 2015, the training program keeps renovating with 80 percent core contents similar to famous international universities in the world such as: National University of Singapore; Nanyang Technological University - Singapore, The University of Queensland - Australia. Beside the renew programs for Bachelor degrees, Master and Doctor degrees also been changed according to advanced countries’ training standards. Along with synchronized changes in training procedures and programs, recruiting experienced lecturers who used to study or work in developed countries also help Faculty of Civil Engineering to have opportunities to integrate into the world more effectively. At this moment, beside Vietnamese students, the Faculty also has a long-term education for international students or exchange programs for students from others countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium… both in Bachelor and Post-graduates programs. With restless innovated contents and methods training to reach out and blend into the world, the proportion of graduated students who get job in the first year has increased and get up to 95 percent by now.


Beside teaching activities, the faculty also focus on scientific research. Thus, Faculty’s prestige significantly rose from nothing in 2010 to be confirmed in Viet Nam and expanded to others regional. In the period of 2014-2015, the Faculty of Civil Engineering had been publishing 44 articles on sciencific newspaper, included 10 ISI articles, 20 articles on famous magazines within the country. In the same year, Faculty lecturers have also published 11 reference and monograph books, submitting 12 scientific research topics including 1 topic in Ministry class, 1 topic co-operated with foreign professor and 10 topics in cities class. Since 2013, students and teachers achieve many important awards in scientific research such as Excellence researcher, Ministry Awards, City Awards. Moreover, students of Faculty of Civil Engineering are the first in Southern universities to won the first prize in Loa Thanh Award for the best graduation project by Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association, Vietnam Architects Association, Ministry of Construction and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.


Particularly being one of the most numerous teachers and lecturers in Ton Duc Thang University, Faculty of Civil Engineering currently has 5 different branches with many specialized training from foundation, technology to artistry, will cooperate to build an extraordinary lecturers team and flourish in the new age.




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